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Up to the early 1980’s, fire doors were manufactured from asbestos boards, fibre-cement boards or mineral fibre cores. Those products were understood to be problematic due to long-term health concerns, excessive weight and complex construction and assembly methods. The E-Core® product was developed in response to these issues. E-Core® is a versatile vermiculite based homogenous core that reduces manufacturing complexity and cost and has no known OH&S issues. E-Core® is manufactured into flush panel fire rated doors.

There are currently more than 1 million E-Core® fire doorsets in service. Over the last 20 years the E-Core® product has been subjected to hundreds of fire tests (and assessments).

We are committed to the ongoing development of E-Core® ensuring our product continues to be the number once choice for fire doors.

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Why Choose an E-Core® Fire Door?

Although being able to withstand a fire is a critical feature of any fire door, there are many other criteria that are applicable to doors, regardless of whether they are fire doors or not.

E-Core® fire doors have been subjected to cyclic tests and have been unaffected after 100,000 cycles. E-Core® fire doors are designed for heavy traffic applications. They have stood the test of time. The E-Core® design of door having been installed for over 20 years, there are tens of thousands of E-Core® doors being opened and closed as you read this, testimony of the quality of durability of the product.

E-Core® fire doors have excellent acoustic properties as proven from the acoustic tests that have been performed. This can assist Architects and Designers in achieving various acoustic attenuation properties in their buildings.

For example, E-Core® fire doors have been installed in cinemas, theatres, hotels and law courts ensuring safety from fire whilst providing an acoustic barrier.

As the finished E-Core® product is a flush panel door, E-Core® fire doors blend seamlessly with other doors in the overall building design. Approved finishes include exotic timber veneers, decorative mouldings and trims, vision panels, moulded panel door design, heritage style doors, steel and plastic laminate faced doors. This reduces the need to compromise the aesthetics of a building because of the requirement for fire separation.


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E-Core® Products

The E-Core® product is a monolithic refractory core, containing no asbestos or other inorganic fibres. E-Core® comes with metal reinforcement to all hardware locations ensuring long term durability. E-Core® fire door-sets have been designed and tested to strictly conform to AS1905. Part 1:2005 ensuring optimum protection.

E-Core® fire door-sets are available in a wide range of finishes including paint grade plywood, MDF facings, decorative timber veneers, pressed 4 or 6 panel, fire retardant plastic laminates, steel and stainless steel. E-Core® fire door-sets can also be supplied with glazed view panels and fireproof relief air registers.


• Commercial Fire Doors
• Residential Fire Doors
• Sliding Fire Doors
• Access Panels


• Commercial Fire Doors
• Rebated Doors
• Double Action Doors
• Acoustic Doors
• Smoke Doors
• Lead Lined Doors
• Vision Panels
• Air Transfer Grilles
• Kick Plates
• Electric Locks
• Metal & Timber Door Frames
• Door Seal Preparation


• Commercial Fire Doors
• Plywood (various)
• Masonite
• Decorative Veneer
• Decorative Moulding
• Plastic Laminates
• Metal Cladding


If your requirement is outside of the existing approvals, E-Core® can discuss with you the best way to meet your demands. This may include a full-scale fire test, a pilot fire test or an assessment based on existing test data. In all instances, approvals are issued by NATA approved and recognised authorities.

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E-Core® products are distributed via a network of licenced door manufacturers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

For further information or if you require a quotation for E-Core® products, please contact one of our licensed distributors listed below. If you are interested in becoming an E-Core® licenced door manufacturer please contact us.

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E-Core® products are distributed via a network of licenced door manufacturers throughout Australia & New Zealand.

Visit our Distribution page to locate your nearest licenced E-Core® fire door manufacturer.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

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