E-Core® doors are excellent fire protection solutions that should be a critical part of every design and build.

A Brief History of E-Core 

Modern architecture and construction has come a long way over the past few decades and fire doors are no exception.

Once, fire doors were challenging to manufacture. They contained harmful materials like asbestos and fire boards, and the final products were often very heavy, making them difficult to assemble and install.

This all changed in the 1980s, however, when E-Core doors were created. These doors were especially designed to counter the manufacturing problems above and to
improve the quality and effectiveness of fire proofing door solutions.

What Makes E-Core Doors Different?
E-Core doors stand out as a high quality fire door offering a way to make passive fire protection systems much more efficient and successful in residential, commercial and industrial projects.

E-Core doors are made up of a single, homogenous vermiculite core that is fire rated according to BCA standards (AS1530.4/SRO1905.1). This core is also extremely effective in relation to heat insulation and contains no known hazardous materials.

The Advantages of E-Core Doors
E-Core doors offer a range of great benefits for developers, builders, architects and the end customer. Key advantages of working with E-Core doors include:

  • High Durability – The single door core removes any risk of delamination, which can often occur in other doors with loose infill elements or internal boards
  • High Level of Fire Protection – All E-Core doors are thoroughly tested to guarantee the required fire rating and have still been considered reliable even after 100,000 cycles
  • Proven Success – E-Core doors have been in use for nearly 30 years in Australia and over 1 million doors to date have been manufactured and installed in buildings across the country
  • Versatility – E-Core doors can work with a range of architectural designs and can perform as hinged doors, double action doors and sliding doors; they can also incorporate glass viewing panels, kick plates, air grilles, electric locks and other necessary hardware
  • No Health Hazards – E-Core doors do not contain asbestos, mineral fibres, fire board or ceramics and are also not susceptible to the growth of bacteria and fungus; this makes them both environmentally friendly and harmless to the health of builders and occupants
  • Easy to Manufacture & Install – The lightweight properties of E-Core doors make them cost-effective and simple to manufacture, and extremely easy to handle, move and install
  • Excellent choice for design – Since they are manufactured as flush panel doors, E-Core doors can be manufactured from a range of materials. They can be incorporated into almost any type of aesthetic theme, period or design; facings can include plywood, MDF, masonite, veneers and laminate

E-Core Doors – Multiple Functions
E-Core doors can double-up on a variety of performance properties, meaning they can be utilised as a fire door, as well as another type of door required to fulfil a separate function. In other words, E-Core doors can also be incorporated as:

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